MS-Tech G-Codes for CNC Mills and Machining Centers – MS-Tech Corporation
MS-Tech G-Codes for CNC Mills and Machining Centers



Group No.

G00* Rapid positioning 01
G01 Linear interpolation 01
G02 Circular interpolation CW 01
G03 Circular interpolation CCW 01
G04 Dwell, Exact stop 00
G10 Programmable data input 00
G11* Programmable data input cancel 00
G17* XY plane selection 02
G18 ZX plane selection 02
G19 YZ plane selection 02
G20 Select inch unit 06
G21 Select metric unit in mm 06
G27 Reference point return check 00
G28 Return to reference point 00
G29 Return from reference point 00
G30 Return to 2nd reference point 00
G33 Thread Cutting 01
G40* Cutter compensation cancel 07
G41 Cutter compensation left 07
G42 Cutter compensation right 07
G43 Tool length compensation in +Z 08
G44 Tool length compensation in -Z 08
G49* Tool length compensation cancel 08
G50.1 Mirror image cancel 18
G51.1 Mirror image on 18
G52 Local coordinate system setting 00
G53 Positioning in machine coordinate 00
G54* Work coordinate system 1 select 14
G55 Work coordinate system 2 select 14
G56 Work coordinate system 3 select 14
G57 Work coordinate system 4 select 14
G58 Work coordinate system 5 select 14
G59 Work coordinate system 6 select 14
G73 Peck drilling cycle 09
G74 Counter tapping cycle 09
G76 Fine boring cycle 09
G80* Canned cycle cancel 09
G81 Drilling cycle, spot boring 09
G82 Drilling cycle, counter boring 09
G83 Peck drilling cycle 09
G84 Tapping cycle 09
G85 Boring cycle 09
G86 Boring cycle 09
G87 Back boring cycle 09
G88 Boring cycle 09
G89 Boring cycle 09
G90* Select absolute command 03
G91 Select incremental command 03
G92 Programming of absolute zero point 00
G93 Inverse time feed 05
G94* Per minute feed 05
G95 Per revolution feed 05
G96 Constant surface speed control on 13
G97* Constant surface speed control off 13
G98* Return to initial point in canned cycle 10
G99 Return to R point in canned cycle 10
  1. G-codes ending with a star [*] is of power-on default.
  2. If you cannot find MS-Tech Control listed in your CAM software, please select as Fanuc 0M instead.