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What is the price of the MS-Tech CNC Control Package?
The price of a CNC Control package is depending on the machines to be retrofitted, please submit a request for quotation. We will give you a prompt reply on the price and availability of the package for your specific machine.

Where is MS-Tech CNC Control made?
MS-Tech CNC Control is designed and developed in the USA and manufactured by our contracted manufacturers.

What is the learning curve of the MS-Tech CNC Control for a machine operator?
If an operator knows how to operate a CNC machine, then he will need about 20 minutes to learn to run machines with MS-Tech CNC Control. All our customers agree that MS-Tech CNC Control is most user-friendly CNC system in the market.

Where can I ask other questions ?
For any questions and comments, please e-mail us at We will promptly respond to your questions.