Software – MS-Tech Corporation

CNC Control Software

MS-Tech CNC Control software is fully integrated with the our hardware, relieving you from compatibility problems that you may have with other CNC systems. It supports a user-friendly graphical interface with choice of tool path or status display in addition to the program display and contains a large set of G-codes and M-codes that makes your programming of part-programs easy.

CNC Control Software (CNC)

MS-Tech CNC Control software is licensed from MS-Tech Corporation upon your purchase of MS-Tech CNC Control package. MS-Tech CNC software provides the functionality of a typical CNC machine tool, in addition to built-in utilities for system diagnosis and tuning, etc. We have versions for 5-axis Machine, mill, lathe, grinder, flame cutter, welder, plastic injection machines, etc.

Program Logic Control (PLC)

Programmable logic control (PLC) is built-in with MS-Tech CNC hardware, and a ladder programming utility is included with MS-Tech CNC Control software. System integrators will find that changing or editing ladder logic is super easy. This feature makes it possible for our engineers to retrofit a typical 3-axis mill in a day or two.

Sample Ladders and Parameters

A set of typical ladder diagrams for a lathe or a milling machine will be provided with the order of an MS-Tech CNC Control package. The ladder diagrams can be modified easily with the built-in PLC utility, and this is for the convenience of machine builders/retrofitters to develop their own ladder logic for specific machines. Along with your MS-Tech CNC control there are data files that contain default system parameters, which can be changed by system integrators.