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CNC Control Optional Devices

Generally speaking, MS-Tech CNC retrofit package contains all you need to replace an outdated controller on your machine. Sometimes, for a particular machine, there may be a need for additional optional devices or accessaries. For example, you may need a portable controller for the easiness of part setting up and machining control on a large size profiling machine.
Available optional devices:

Portable Controller

MS-Tech CNC Control software is licensed from MS-Tech Corporation upon your purchase of MS-Tech CNC Control package. MS-Tech CNC software provides the functionality of a typical CNC machine tool, in addition to built-in utilities for system diagnosis and tuning, etc. We have versions for 5-axis Machine, mill, lathe, grinder, flame cutter, welder, plastic injection machines, etc.

Encoder-to-Voltage Converters

Some machines do not have tachometers installed and need the Frequency-to-voltage converters, which converts encoder position signals to tachometer velocity signals.

Resolver-to-Encoder Converters

Some older machines use resolvers as a position feedback device. The resolver-to-encoder converters can be used as an interface to convert resolver signals into encoder signals.