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CNC Machine Hardware

Operator Panel Unit

The Operator Panel Unit (OPU) consists of a built-in 15" LCD color display, an MDI input device, Emergency-Stop, Cycle-Start, Feed-Hold pushbuttons, manual pulse generator, etc. The metal case and bottom mouse tray as shown on the picture also included. This make it possible for a retrofit to be done in a few days (while others may take weeks). The whole operator panel unit can be mounted as a pendant station for milling type machines or held by a post for CNC lathes. MS-Tech's CNC panel is suitable for any types of CNC machine, and it has been installed on machining and turning centers, 5-axis machines, flame-cutter, injection machines, and many more. There is no need for manufacturers or retrofitters to install additional pushbuttons.

Motion Controller Unit

The motion controller unit (MCU) is a highly-reliable industrial computer built with dedicated motion control channels. There are no moving parts inside the controller; it is installed with solid-state hard disk and self-cooling. The power to the controller is 24V DC 2A.

Signal Connection Unit

The signal connection unit (SCU) is for connecting to/from servo drives, spindle drive, relays, magnetic contactors. It also has 14 general purpose isolated input channels and 14 general purpose output channels. The unit is fully shielded by its metal shell. For most of machines, there is no need for manufacturers or retrofitters to install any additional relays. MS-Tech CNC package comes with all you need for most of the machines.

Portable Controller Unit

The portable controller is optional. For middle and large size machines, the portable controller offers convenience during machining part setup. Its slim design makes it easy for being held by hand. The portable controller comes with coiled extension cord.